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Non-profits generally suffer from a lack of capital and the man-power needed to make their causes a reality.

To help your cause grow, you need to have people that believe in it. Believing in it can come in the form of moral, financial, or actual physical, support.

People who care strongly about your mission are the ones you’ll find volunteering their time and recruiting their friends.

Below are 5 good tips for finding volunteers, empowering them, and giving them the resources they need to recruit their friends as well.

5 Tips for Finding (and keeping!) Volunteers for Your Cause

  1. Have a clearly defined mission objective –
  2. Be transparent and honest –
  3. ASK for help! –
  4. Engage your volunteers –
  5. Support them and their efforts –

We hope the above tips can help your Non-Profit or charitable cause accomplish what it’s set out to do!

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